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Mersey Bluff

Mersey Bluff Lighthouse - 2008 Mersey Bluff Lighthouse sits at the mouth of the Mersey River. It was automated and demanned in 1920. The keeper's cottages stood until demolished in 1966. Four vertical red stripes were added in 1929, making the light very distinctive.

Tenders were called for the building of the lighthouse, a keeper's house, signal shed, tide house and flagpole in June 1888. The successful tenderers were Messrs T and F Duff. The lighthouse was designed by Huckson and Hutchison of Hobart.

The site of the lighthouse on the Mersey Bluff headland was originally occupied by a beacon which had disappeared by 1883. Following complaints from mariners an obelisk was placed there in late 1884. There was also a light at the mouth of the nearby Don River. It was removed when the Mersey Bluff Lighthouse became operational.

Work on the lighthouse started on October 16 1888, and was completed almost 12 months later on May 28 1889. The original Chance Bros. 4th order dioptric lens was first lit on 2nd August 1889, and used kerosene. The first lighthouse keeper was Mr W. Jacques, transferred from Swan Island. A second house was later built for the assistant keeper.

In 1920, it was converted to automatic acetylene gas operation and was de-manned. The keepers' houses were let to local tenants until they were demolished in 1966.

The Lighthouse was converted to hydro electricity with gas standby in 1952, and a 2nd order (700mm) fixed lens was installed. In 1978 it was further converted to all electric operation.

Mersey Bluff Lighthouse c1910     Mersey Bluff Sunrise

Mersey Bluff

Technical/Historical Details
Technical / Historical Details
Nearest Town Devonport  Height - Elevation 15.5m (51ft) - 37.2m (122ft) 
Lat/Long: 4110.0 14621.0  Lantern  
Construction White round brick tower, red stripes  Lens 2nd Order 700mm f.r. 174 dioptric 
Built 1889  Character Fl.(4)W.R. period 20s fl. 1s, ec. 2s fl. 1s, ec. 2s fl. 1s, ec. 2s fl. 1s, ec. 10s 
First Lit 2nd August 1889  Range NM 17W 14R  
Automated 1920     
De-activated   Open No 
Architect   Access Road 
Reference 7032 K 3550  Accommodation No 
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