SeaSide Lights

Rocky Cape

Rocky Cape Lighthouse overlooks the stunning shoreline at Rocky Cape National Park.

It was never manned, but still interesting as the AGA lantern contains a Chance Bros 400mm lens.


Technical/Historical Details
Technical / Historical Details
Nearest Town Detention River  Height - Elevation 9.5m (31ft) - 64.0m (210ft) 
Lat/Long: 4051.4 14530.4  Lantern AGA FLEA 22/12 
Construction White concrete tower  Lens Chance 400mm f.r. fixed catadioptric drum 
Built 1968  Character Fl.W. period 10s fl. 1s, ec. 9s 
First Lit 1968  Range NM 17W  
Automated 1968     
De-activated Open No 
Architect   Access Road - National Park 
Reference 6980 K 3531  Accommodation No 
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