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Highfield Bluff

The Highfield Bluff (new) light sits on farmland just north of Stanley, Tasmania. It can be seen from the road, but is on private property.
It replaced the Circular Head lighthouse which has been moved to the wharf area of the small town of Stanley.
Circular Head was fitted with a Colt's seven-day acetylene gas generator and was attended once a week by the Harbour Master.

The new Highfield Bluff Light - 2008    The re-located Circular Head Light - 2008

The re-located Circular Head Light at night    The re-located Circular Head Light from the top of the 'Nut'

Technical/Historical Details
Technical / Historical Details
Nearest Town Stanley  Height - Elevation 6.1m (20ft) - 49.1m (161ft) 
Lat/Long: 4044.4 14517.3  Lantern  
Construction White GRP hut  Lens ML 300 with internal red sector  
Built 1924  Character Fl.(3)W.R. period 15s 
First Lit 1924  Range NM 10W 8R  
Automated 1971 mains     
De-activated   Open No 
Architect   Access Private property 
Reference 6968 K 3524  Accommodation No 
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