SeaSide Lights


These two leading lights guide ships into the narrow Mersey River

The narrow Mersey River, services the busy port of Devonport, for both industry and tourism. The "Spirit of Tasmania" brings hundreds of people from the mainland several times a week.
The two leading lights were attended at sunset and daybreak by the Mersey Bluff lightkeepers. The rear light which was similar to the front, but about twice the height, has been removed and replaced by triangular structure. The lights were designed by Huckson and Hutchison of Hobart.

The Spirit of Tasmania besides the front leading light   The front and rear leading lights - 2008   The Mersey River at night - 2008

The Spirit of Tasmania enters the heads - 2008   Old postcard showing the original leading light   Another 2 leading lights, heading out of the river - 2008

Technical/Historical Details
Technical / Historical Details
Nearest Town Devonport  Height - Elevation 7.0m (23ft) - 9.1m (30ft) 
Lat/Long: 4110.7S 14621.7E  Lantern  
Construction White tower  Lens  
Built   Character F.R. 
First Lit   Range NM 10R  
De-activated   Open No 
Architect   Access Road 
Reference 7056 K 3553  Accommodation No 
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