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Cape Sorell

Cape Sorell is named after Lieutenant-Governor of Tasmania, William Sorell who was lieutenant-governor from 1817 to 1824. It was built by Huckson and Hutchison of Hobart and first lit in 1899. The lighthouse is situated just outside of Macquarie Harbour, known as 'Hells Gates', a name given by convicts transported to Sarah Island, their hell, in the early eighteenth century. The tower is the 2nd tallest in Australia and originally housed a 2nd order lens. The light was automated in 1971 and in 1988 the 2nd order lens was replaced by a solar powered APRB 251 beacon. The keeper's were torn down at the same time. Between 1900 and 1946 there was a horse drawn wooden-rail tramline that was utilised to provide access between locations on the Cape Sorell headland.
Cape Sorell Lighthouse - 2008
Cape Sorell - Penny Whetton   

Technical/Historical Details
Technical / Historical Details
Nearest Town Strahan  Height - Elevation 30.5m (100ft) - 50.9m (167ft) 
Lat/Long: 4212.0 14510.2  Lantern Chance approx 10 feet dia. 
Construction White round tower  Lens APRB 251 Beacon inside lantern 
Built 1899  Character Fl.(2)W. period 15s fl. 0.1s, ec. 4.9s fl. 0.1s, ec. 9.9s 
First Lit 1899  Range NM 14W  
Automated Solar 25/8/1988     
De-activated   Open No 
Architect   Access Boat, Walk 
Reference 6892 K 3660  Accommodation No 
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