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Robe Lighthouse

Established in 1973, the Robe Lighthouse augmented the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse which was converted to automatic operation after 100 years of manual service and was eventually moved to Kingston as a museum. This lighthouse is one of a new design being built within Australia incorporating the latest electronic optical equipment. The building situated adjacent to the tower houses a standby power plant which in the event of mains power failure automatically comes into operation and also automatically closes down when mains power supply is restored.

The optic consists of a revolving hexagonal column of sealed beam lamps, showing a character of three flashes every 10 seconds with an intensity of 410,000 candelas, giving a range of 37 kms. The tower is 18 metres high and 63.1 metres above sea level

Robe Lighthouse
Robe ObeliskThe Robe Obelisk

Erected on Cape Dombey in 1852, the Obelisk was used to navigate the entrance to Guichen Bay and to store rocket lifesaving equipment. The firing of rockets, carrying baskets to distressed ships to bring passengers ashore, saved many lives. It later assisted passing ships with navigation because its height of 12m (40 ft) makes it visible 20km (12mles) out to sea.

The erosion of the land surrounding the obelisk will mean it will eventually fall away.

Robe Township

Situated on Guichen Bay, Robe is about 350kms south east of Adelaide, and has altered very little since the 19th century. Named after Major Frederick Holt Robe, the Governor of South Australia, who selected the site. The port of Rove was proclaimed in 1847.
Many Irish female migrants and Scottish families arrived in 1855 followed by thousands of Chinese passengers headed for the Victorian Goldfields in 1857. By landing in the free port of Robe and travelling 150km over the unguarded Victorian border the goldseekers evaded the Victorian Governments tax of $20 per Chinese landing in that state. This equalled their fare to Australia.

Technical / Historical Details
Nearest Town Guichen Bay  Height - Elevation 18.0m (59ft) - 63.4m (208ft) 
Lat/Long: 3710.0'S 13944.7'E  Lantern  
Construction White concrete tower  Lens  
Built 1973  Character Fl.(3)W. period 10s 
First Lit   Range NM 20W  
Automated 1973     
De-activated   Open Grounds only 
Architect   Access Road 
Reference 8100 K 2122.8  Accommodation No 
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